Harry Chapin Food Bank

Tice and The Shores Moose Lodge 1297 is teaming up with Harry Chapin Food Bank in 2020-2021, to do whatever is needed to help ensure that Southwest Floridians will not go hungry.

We encourage all our Members (LOOM and WOTM) to donation to the Harry Chapin Food Bank. Most needed now is Breakfast Bars, Canned Fish or Chicken, Beans (dry or canned), Canned Vegetables, Pasta, Pasta and Tomato Sauce, Cooking Oil, Dry Milk, Jelly, Rice, Soups and Beef Stew or by donating a dollar, Harry Chapin Food Bank is able to turn that dollar into eight dollars in buying power.

The lodge has a collection barrel in the clubhouse for your food donations and a cash donation box for your cash donations.

We are grateful for any donation you may make.